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The transformational power of Continuous Delivery

Source – I was recently asked to answer some questions about Continuous Delivery for someone’s undergraduate university research. The questions were interesting, so here are my answers �� What do you feel are the benefits of adopting Continuous Delivery? How do you feel adopting Continuous Delivery has affected your development cycle? Do you think Continuous Delivery is an important approach for a company to pick up, If so Why? How do you think Agile compares to more traditional models

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How Continuous Delivery Can Improve the Customer Experience

Source: Keeping up with the competition and the demands of your customers requires constantly enhancing and improving your website or web application experience. But traditional approaches to delivering updates won’t keep you agile. You need to start thinking about a new way to manage your web and digital experience using Continuous Delivery. Traditional vs. Continuous The traditional, and still often followed, approach to delivering updates and new features to a website or a web application is to introduce them

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