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What Is Cloud Computing Architecture: Front-End & Back-End Explained

Source:- The Cloud is now the de facto way for companies to expand their operations. Often, the components that make up a dependable cloud computing service are hidden from view. Let’s take a look behind the curtain and see what makes up cloud application architecture. What Is Cloud Software Architecture? A cloud software system mainly requires hardware to power operations, and a way for end users to access the platform. The way this is structured in terms of components and

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Cloud Architecture and Cloud Computing Trends in 2019

Source- The tech game has changed! With the dawn of the internet, the advances in computing and software development anyone can access the world’s best technology while sitting at his/her kitchen table. Almost all enterprises, small or big – doesn’t matter, seems to have shifted their focus towards considering appropriate procedures to handle and manage such disruptive technologies within their existing environment. Cloud computing technology entirely relies on the virtualizations of hardware and software and its service-oriented architecture and several

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