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Suse grounds its OpenStack Cloud in favor of Kubernetes and containers

Source:- Open source vendor Suse has pulled the plug on its OpenStack Cloud a few months after its latest release, the company announced on Wednesday. Suse is throwing in the towel on OpenStack in favor of its Cloud Application platform, which is based on the open-source Cloud Foundry platform, and a Kubernetes based-container platform. As part of that move to Kubernetes, Suse is no longer producing new versions of its OpenStack Cloud while ceasing the sales of its existing

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Deploying mainframe applications to the cloud

Source – Many businesses continue to rely on legacy applications running on mainframes because the systems are stable and continue to deliver ROI and business value. However, as organisations move more workloads to the cloud, it’s time for businesses to consider their strategies on how and which of these legacy mainframe applications to migrate to cloud platforms. The right strategy is one that lets a business modernise its mainframe applications and benefit from the cloud, while retaining the business logic

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Successfully Integrating DevOps while Deploying Cloud Applications

Source – Transforming to a high-performance DevOps environment can provide competitive advantages, but it requires change—and that doesn’t come easily to most organizations. DevOps requires cultural changes that are inherent to automating previously manual tasks: They are perhaps intimidating to those involved and they require flexibility and enterprisewide buy-in to get right. Furthering these people-side transformational complications are cloud application deployments, creating a need for enterprises to deliver innovative technologies and services with greater speed and quality—without hits to reliability

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