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AI help desk software frees IT ops to take on SRE skills

Source:- A financial services company will retrain its help desk staff to be app developers and SREs, while AI handles the grunt work for the company’s call center employees. Software-based automation of menial tasks will pave the way for more meaningful work among IT ops pros at a financial services company. Until 2018, IT ops teams at Freedom Financial Network, a 17-year-old financial services company focused on consumer debt reduction, were largely focused on help desk tasks for the company’s

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The Role of Bots in DevOps

Source:- DevOps has evolved from its infancy into a mainstream focus area for a majority of CIOs. DevOps has become a main focus and has been shaping the world of software and infrastructure engineering and operations for the last few years. Some of the key DevOps trends include: DevOps assembly lines automation. Smart, actionable alerts from monitoring tools. Monitor and orchestration infrastructure. Improved Collaboration With the increase of DevOps adoption, organizations today face many challenges in the end-to-end service delivery

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Three ChatOps examples demonstrate DevOps efficiency

Source – The always-connected, device-centered work environment of the future is far from the isolating, solitary experience many once feared. It’s positively chatty. The trend toward interactive collaboration environments has come to IT operations and development teams in the form of ChatOps, an alternative command interface for a diverse set of infrastructure and application administration tasks. It’s ironic that, at the moment when AOL is shutting down its iconic AIM service, enterprise collaboration platforms, such as Slack, Atlassian Hipchat and

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