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DevOps Intelligence Changes the Game

Source – The moment comes as the company’s CFO lays out for Bill how he strives to align the goals of his department with the goals of the business. It’s here Bill starts to realize he must take a similar approach with IT. He ultimately turns to data about his delivery process to improve IT’s effectiveness and save his team from outsourcing—and a DevOps team is born. Ok, so real-world situations might not be as dire as the fictional

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The shifting role of the IT professional In 2017

Source:- Constantly evolving technology means that IT roles are changing to reflect this increasing dependency. In 2017, it’s out with the old and in with the new as we predict a shift in the role of the IT professional. Traditional, siloed IT roles—network administrators, storage administrators, systems administrators, database administrations, and more—are already changing. And in 2017, we will see IT pros taking on new responsibilities, such as working with cloud service providers in hybrid environments, prioritising new technologies

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