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What Is Cloud Computing Architecture: Front-End & Back-End Explained

Source:- The Cloud is now the de facto way for companies to expand their operations. Often, the components that make up a dependable cloud computing service are hidden from view. Let’s take a look behind the curtain and see what makes up cloud application architecture. What Is Cloud Software Architecture? A cloud software system mainly requires hardware to power operations, and a way for end users to access the platform. The way this is structured in terms of components and

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5 DevOps principles to apply to enterprise architecture

Source – DevOps is reshaping the way software is produced and delivered. But how can you apply DevOps principles consistently across your organization when making changes to your entire enterprise architecture? Here, we explore how best to integrate DevOps into your enterprise architecture. Defining DevOps At the most basic level, DevOps means that software developers and IT operations engineers (also known as system administrators) work together on software production. By facilitating collaboration between the programmers who write software and the administrators

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Docker Reference Architecture: Docker Datacenter Best Practices and Design Considerations

Source:- Introduction Docker Datacenter (DDC) is the enterprise container platform from Docker to be used across the entire software supply chain. It is a fully-integrated solution for container-based application development, deployment, and management. With integrated end-to-end security, DDC enables application portability by abstracting your infrastructure so that applications can move seamlessly from development to production. What You Will Learn This reference architecture describes a standard, production-grade, Docker Datacenter deployment. It also details the components of DDC, how they work,

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