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3 Leading Enterprise Low-Code App Development Platforms

Source – It’s no secret that enterprise mobile and Web app development is being transformed by a new class of tools enabling non-programming “citizen developers” to meet the insatiable demand for apps amid a shortage of coding pros. These tools have many names — such as rapid-application development (RAD), low-code and even no-code — but they typically feature functionality such as model-driven development, point-and-click programming, drag-and-drop composability, wizard-based workflows and similar techniques. In comparing the top tools, we’ll go with

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Low Code: What IT Needs to Know

Source – As low code, which minimizes the amount of coding needed to build out applications, becomes a new norm, it is important to consider how the rise of citizen developers will affect the enterprise. Across industries, from healthcare to manufacturing and financial services, organizations are undergoing digital transformations. This is creating a competitive job market for skilled developers, such as mobile app developers, and in turn, can cause a talent shortage. As demand for mobile apps in the

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How to automate your app dev process—and improve code quality

Source:- As your business grows, it’s increasingly important to understand how to scale engineering processes and methodologies. The amount of time spent on setup, deployment and manually testing code is often ignored by technology teams and managers. Manual server configuration and code quality tests are not only error prone, but they ultimately result wasted time and money. 3 steps to automate software development Introducing automation into your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and infrastructure scaling projects is the most effective

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Report: 111 billion lines of code will have to be secured this year

Source:- As new pieces of software are being written every day, the threat of malicious hacking continues to grow. According to a new report, there will be about 111 billion lines of new software code created this year, and with them will come billions of software vulnerabilities. “Applications have become inviting targets for malicious actors, but securing those programs has proven to be challenging to both security teams and developers,” according to the report. “Too often, key vulnerabilities get

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Habitat application portability and understanding dynamic linking of ELF binaries

Source – I do not come from a classical computer science background and have spent the vast majority of my career working with Java, C# and Ruby – mostly on Windows. So I have managed to evade the details of exactly how native binaries find their dependencies at compile time and runtime on Linux. It just has not been a concern in the work that I do. If my app complains about missing low level dependencies, I find a binary

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