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Speed and Security Can Coexist in Mainframe DevOps

Source – DevOps teams face a constant tug-of-war in their daily work, balancing the need for speedy rollouts of high-performing (fast, reliable) applications that are secure also. If the team moves too quickly, an overlooked security vulnerability may make its way into production. If the team is not nimble enough to identify those security gaps, it can slow down the entire development process, hampering organizational agility. The need to strike this critical balance has led to the rise of DevSecOps,

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Application Testing is Making a Comeback for Agile DevOps Teams

Source – “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.” In the classic film, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, this line was spoken by a group of bandits who clearly didn’t need law and order on their side. Today, one could easily picture a different type of bandit that has been disrupting application development and coding, uttering something very similar. “Testing? We don’t need no stinking testing.” Yep, for a few years now, it has seemed like agile developers and

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