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OverOps Brings Machine Learning to DevOps

Source – OverOps has launched a namesake platform employing machine learning algorithms to capture data from an IT environment that identify potential issues before a DevOps team decides to promote an application into production. Company CTO Tal Weiss said the OverOps Platform is unique in that, rather than relying on log data, it combines static and dynamic analysis of code as it executes to detect issue. That data then can be accessed either via dashboards or shared with other tools via an

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Why Open Banking Should Consider DevOps

Source – There is a craze sweeping Europe, and rippling across the world—and no, I’m not talking about the next British Invasion. Open banking is a trend that’s significantly altering how banks work with fintechs and maintain agility in the global marketplace. A main enforcer is PSD2, a piece of EU legislation that sanctions access to personal banking data. It’s resulted in an explosion of EU banks providing public application programming interfaces (APIs) for fintechs to develop with. The implications aren’t

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