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5 Lessons in Digital Transformation From Brazil’s Retail Giant – Magalu

Source:-forbes.comLauded as “the Amazon of Brazil,” retailer Magazine Luiza, or Magalu, has cemented itself as one of the most spectacular digital transformation success stories in any industry.  From launching an online marketplace to speeding up deliveries with an Uber-like service, the company has aggressively harnessed technology to better serve its customers—and customers have responded, helping the company’s fortunes to skyrocket. Between January 2015 and summer 2019, Magalu’s stock price increased more than 18,000% in value—eye-popping in any context and truly remarkable given that

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WSO2 Advances Microservices Gateway

Source:- At the Open Source and Software Development Conference (OSCON), WSO2 this week announced it has updated an open source microservices gateway to make it possible to expose multiple microservices through a single application programming interface (API). Additionally, version 3.0 of the WSO2 API Microgateway now includes the ability to automatically discover microservices and transform legacy API requests into a more modern format. WSO2 also added support for the OpenAPI Specification (OAS), formerly known as Swagger, to make it easier

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