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This 92-Year-Old “Chemistry Maven” is America’s Oldest Self-Made Female Billionaire

Source:- Biotech might be a buzzword right now, but America’s oldest self-made woman billionaire has been in the game for more than half a century. Bio-Rad Laboratories co-founder Alice Schwartz, 92, is number 20 on Forbes’ list of America’s richest self-made women with an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion. Today, Schwartz sits on Bio-Rad’s board of directors and is the company’s largest shareholder, according to Forbes, while her son Norman serves as chairman and chief executive. David Schwartz, Alice Schwartz’s husband and company co-founder, died in

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The 10 best tech jobs that pay the highest salaries

Source:- Tech jobs dominate the top 10 jobs in America, in terms of salary, number of job postings, and opportunities for growth, according to a new report from job search engine Indeed. Most of the tech roles topping the list, including full stack developer, data scientist, DevOps engineer, Salesforce developer, and cloud engineer, make an average base salary of over $100,000, Indeed found. “As every business morphs into the digital version of itself, the demand for workers with highly

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14 best tech jobs in America in 2017

Source:- For the second year in a row, data scientist tops the list of Glassdoor’s Best Jobs in America followed by DevOps engineer and data engineer. Though Glassdoor expanded 2017’s list to 50 — up from 25 in 2016 — technology jobs continued to dominate the list, with fourteen roles represented on the list from the IT industry. “In particular for tech jobs, companies across all industries are hiring workers for these needed positions, including employers in healthcare, finance,

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