Why 2017 looks like a year of change for software development jobs

Source:- searchcloudapplications.techtarget Software development jobs are in a state of flux. Mobile computing is compressing Agile’s already weekslong-shortened development cycles into mere days. DevOps entwined app development with operations. No-code/low-code tools yanked app building from the ranks of professional programmers, empowering so-called citizen developers. What does 2017 hold in store for application developers? We asked John Carione, who previously worked at EMC, RSA and Adobe, and is currently a product and corporate marketing leader at no-code/low-code vendor QuickBase Inc., based

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DevOps brings together the best elements of your IT team

Source – betanews.com Teamwork, agility and communication set apart the most successful IT teams from the rest. It should come as no surprise: developments in technology and IT are the driving force behind many of the changes in our fast-paced world. The demands on the IT team have never been greater. There is pressure to deliver new features and software to users, added to vast data growth, budget constraints and the ever-present need to do more with less. To get

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Angles of Agile | @DevOpsSummit #Agile #DevOps #CD #ContinuousDelivery

The move to Agile in the last decade has resulted in projects that finish faster, produce better software, and come in under budget. Look up any new, hot tech company and you’ll find articles lauding their Agile philosophy. You might think that success is guaranteed if you get your team to commit the Agile Manifesto to memory… Source: Angles of Agile | @DevOpsSummit #Agile #DevOps #CD #ContinuousDelivery

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