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Decoding Disruptive DevOps for QA – Solving the TCoE Conundrum

Source – In order to accommodate the wave of digital technology sweeping across the business world today, organisations must constantly operate in an agile and DevOps mode. This can help to ensure faster release cycles and foster closer collaboration between various teams. This digital transformation also means that IT environments are becoming ever-more complex, as businesses look to cater to next generation technologies like cloud, mobility and analytics. All of this taken together means that it’s often a challenge for

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7 Spices of ContinuousDelivery Pipeline

Source:- A Continuous Delivery pipeline as part of an Agile transformation is like spices in a meal. Without them, the food is bland and worthless. On the other hand, the right blend of spices will leave you craving more, stimulating your senses and energizing you. But as any good cook will tell you, it can be a bit difficult to find the exact right blend of spices for a specific dish. Salt and pepper are usually basic requirements, but

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