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Top 7 advantages of Cloud Computing

Source:- The advantages of cloud computing which is enough to convince businesses to move onto cloud computing services. Apart from these advantages, it also cuts down on paper waste, improves energy efficiency and reduces computer-related emissions. Cloud computing allows users to access their features and files of the system without having to store them on their own computers. It is also valuable for businesses that need to access large amounts of data over a secure connection. However, certain businesses

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Azure Stack To Advance Hybrid Cloud, DevOps and Serverless Computing

Source –┬á More than two years after Microsoft revealed plans to offer its Azure Stack software to makers of hybrid cloud-based appliances, Azure Stack is now set for release this September. Azure Stack, which lets enterprises and service providers run their own mirror images of Microsoft’s cloud platform in their own datacenters, is a strategic deliverable as the company looks to advance modern IT architectures including hybrid cloud, DevOps and serverless computing. The first Azure Stack appliances will be available

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