Electric Cloud Talks DevOps with DevOps.com at DOES16 – Electric Cloud

DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco (DOES16) just ended last week — and what an amazing event it was! While at the conference, some of our customers and speakers that presented at the show got a chance to sit down with Alan Shimel, from DevOps.com, for a quick interview. Check out the clips below to learn a bit about what each speaker’s session was about, their take on DevOps and where … continue reading Source: Electric Cloud Talks DevOps with DevOps.com

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You may be doing DevOps and not even know it

By the end of the second flight, I had finished the book. The thought occurred to me that I may have been doing DevOps nearly a decade ago and didn’t realize it. Now, I am not trying to say I invented DevOps. I did not invent DevOps anymore than Al Gore’s oft misquoted statement that “he” invented the Internet. What I am saying is the story in the book was very familiar to my own story and journey. Source: You

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