Docker Containers: What Makes Them So Portable?

Source – One of the main benefits in using Docker and container technology is the portability of applications. It’s possible to spin up an application on-site or in a public cloud environment in a matter of minutes. What enables this is a storage technology that implements a layered “copy on write” approach to storing data in the file system used by Docker itself. Let’s take a look at how it works… Read More

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Docker Datacenter Adds Enterprise Orchestration, Security Policy And Refreshed UI

Source – Today we are excited to introduce new additions to Docker Datacenter, our Container as a Service (CaaS) platform for enterprise IT and application teams. Docker Datacenter provides an integrated platform for developers and IT operations teams to collaborate securely on the application lifecycle. Built on the foundation of Docker Engine, Docker Datacenter (DDC) also provides integrated orchestration, management and security around managing resources like access, images, applications, networks and more across the cluster… Read More

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Top 5 DevOps Challenges & Solutions Part 1: Focus on Business

Source – DevOps is a powerful process that can catapult industry leaders into the next stratosphere of transformation success when combined with the right people, process, and technology. The converse is also true. Applying DevOps principles of agility, continuous integration and delivery without addressing broken processes, gaps in skillsets or technology – is a recipe for disaster…Read more

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