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Are Nexus AG (ETR:NXU) Investors Paying Above The Intrinsic Value?

Source: How far off is Nexus AG (ETR:NXU) from its intrinsic value? Using the most recent financial data, we’ll take a look at whether the stock is fairly priced by taking the foreast future cash flows of the company and discounting them back to today’s value. I will be using the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model. Don’t get put off by the jargon, the math behind it is actually quite straightforward. We generally believe that a company’s value is

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Mass Index Reading Placed into Perspective For Nexus Energy Services Inc (IBGR)

Source: Nexus Energy Services Inc (IBGR) shares have seen the Mass Index reading climb above the key reading of 27.  The Mass Index, developed by Donald Dorsey in the early 1990s, suggests that a reversal of the current trend will likely take place when the range widens beyond a certain point and then contracts.  Although the Mass Index is great at signaling a potential change in the trend, it will not tell you which direction the trend is changing. After

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Architectural Nexus Selected as 2019 Intermountain Design Firm of the Year

Source:- Kenner Kingston, president of Salt Lake City-based Architectural Nexus, has some schematic sketches on his desk he’s reviewing with one of the firm’s associates. The drawings are not for a state-of-the-art laboratory or the new wing of a hospital, both market segments where the firm has gained particular prominence. Rather, they’re for a system that will collect and reuse rainwater for an off-the-grid house in Moab, Utah, a desert town in the southeastern part of the state. The firm

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