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The ISP that hosts the official Raspberry Pi website created an 18-board Pi 4 cluster to host much of the site — demonstrating the board’s potential to break into the server market.

Source:- A cluster of Raspberry Pi 4 computers costing less than $1000 was used to host much of the official website during its busiest ever day. The newly released 4GB Pi 4 costs $55, a fraction of the cost of traditional server hardware, but is also less powerful and offers less memory than entry-level servers. Mythic Beasts, the ISP that hosts the Raspberry Pi website, created an 18-board Pi 4 cluster to host much of the site and

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How were armed forces personnel prosecuted for fatalities during the Troubles in Northern Ireland?

Source:- Over 250,000 military personnel served in Northern Ireland during Operation Banner, the longest continuous deployment of troops in British military history. Between August 1969 and July 2007, 1,441 military personnel died as a result of operations there, 722 in paramilitary attacks. During the same period the British military were responsible for the deaths of 301 people, over half of whom were civilians. In total, around 3,520 people were killed during the Troubles. Here we examine how armed forces personnel

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