Microservices: How to prep DevOps teams

Source- enterprisersproject.com The first reaction non-development IT people have when seeing their company’s microservice is very similar to a parent looking at their child’s art. “Oh! It’s a…what is this? A microservice? Wow… well, isn’t that something! I like how the blue, green, and red make a nice brown colour. Let’s put this on the refrigerator.” Of course, that art could be the beginnings of the next Frida Kahlo if only the parents understood. Likewise, we need to make certain that

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Microservices Help Scale Distributed Apps, Survey Finds

Source- enterprisetech.com The ability to scale applications and get products and services out the door faster are the primary reasons DevOps teams are embracing microservices, a new survey finds. Microservices are the foundation of an agile architecture on which applications are built as a collection of different smaller services rather than an entire application. Among the emerging challenges is determining the best way to communicate among those lightweight services. While nearly two-thirds of the 354 companies surveyed by workflow automation

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Getting the balance right in microservices development

Source:- cloudcomputing-news.net Choices, choices, choices. User requirements and non-functional requirements are just the beginning of the balancing act of services development. New development paradigms usually take a few years before their practitioners get a handle of the factors that they need to balance. In the case of microservices, this balancing act comes down to three things: granularity, data consistency, and performance. The most usable and best-performing services built on the microservices architecture will find a balance of these three factors

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