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They Said WHAT!? They Did WHAT!?

Source:- Sports, as we know, is often much more than winning and losing. So with that in mind, we at TMG will begin a regular look at some of the more bizarre statements and actions in the world of sports. No one can question the coaching skills of Urban Meyer, who has put together undefeated seasons and national championship teams at Utah, Florida and Ohio State. Meyer is on hiatus–for health reasons–and will work next season as a college football

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This 92-Year-Old “Chemistry Maven” is America’s Oldest Self-Made Female Billionaire

Source:- Biotech might be a buzzword right now, but America’s oldest self-made woman billionaire has been in the game for more than half a century. Bio-Rad Laboratories co-founder Alice Schwartz, 92, is number 20 on Forbes’ list of America’s richest self-made women with an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion. Today, Schwartz sits on Bio-Rad’s board of directors and is the company’s largest shareholder, according to Forbes, while her son Norman serves as chairman and chief executive. David Schwartz, Alice Schwartz’s husband and company co-founder, died in

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