DevOps Process

Optimizing the Ops in DevOps

Source – We call it DevOps but much of the time there’s a lot more discussion about the needs and concerns of developers than there is about other groups. There’s a focus on improved and less isolated developer workflows. There are many discussions around collaboration, continuous integration and delivery, issue tracking, source code control, code review, IDEs, and xPaaS – and all the tools that enable those things. Changes in developer practices may come up – such as developers taking

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Optimization for SaaS: Works for Business and DevOps

Within SaaS companies, both DevOps and business teams can benefit from using performance optimization tools. Performance matters – whether you’re managing a marketing website or a web app. In this blog post we’ll: Discuss how Optimization fits into workflows for DevOps and business teams, and Explore some hypothetical (and slightly hyperbolic) examples of how to use Optimization.   Optimization for DevOps Teams Traditionally, engineering teams at software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies have been primarily focused with optimizing databases and applications to scale.

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Busting 5 DevOps Myths

Source – DevOps is a technology movement for hipsters and your company doesn’t need to worry about it, right? Right? DevOps, with its focus on combining development, testing, deployment, and operations, has fast become the poster-child for accelerated app delivery. Some will argue that DevOps is long overdue since business success clearly hinges on quickly delivering innovations based on high-quality software services. As with anything relatively new, there’ll be lots of information and discussion — some of which will be

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