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How to successfully use containers

Source:- In traditional software development, code developed in one environment doesn’t necessarily run the same when deployed in another; there often are bugs and errors. Running software in containers in the cloud can help developers overcome many of these issues, and adoption of containerization ecosystems like Docker and Kubernetes continues to grow. In fact, 451 Research predicts that application container technology will grow by 40 percent before 2020. And Gartner predicts that by 2022, more than 75 percent of global organizations will be running containerized

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Maritime Containerization Market Outlook Highlights Major Opportunities Likely to Steer Demand During Forecast Period | China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO) (China), CMA CGM SA (France), Agility Logistics (Kuwait)

Source:- The Maritime Containerization analysis is composed of secondary search methods and primary market analysis applications from 2019-2025. Our analysts run telephonic in addition to personal interviews to get the information associated with this Maritime Containerization industry. Additionally, they refer databases of associations in places from the industry, government documents, media releases, financial and annual Maritime Containerization reports, and company sites. We usually Verify Maritime Containerization information or any data from the accounts unless it’s cross-verified with reliable entities. The global

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Docker Database Hacked, 190,000 Users Affected

Source:- Docker, a development platform that allows companies to “build, manage and secure all their applications” and “deploy them anywhere,” announced last week that it discovered a database hack that exposed the information of 190,000 users. The hackers collected usernames, hashed passwords and in some cases GitHub and Bitbucket access tokens used to access repositories on the popular Git platforms many developers use for version control. Those whose usernames and hashed passwords were hacked got off relatively easy. Usually, it’s

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Container-Based Database Platforms: Fueling DevOps

Source- Database systems traditionally have relied on rather complex, OS-specific clustering technology to provide high availability. Depending on vendor and configuration, these technologies included shared storage devices, transaction-based replication, storage replication or some combination thereof. In many cases, these configurations required complex storage and network configuration supported by multiple teams at significant cost. As the use of virtualization became more widespread, virtual machines offered a degree of high availability, and many hypervisors offered some form of disaster recovery provided

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How to Make Docker Containers Faster and Improve Performance

Source:- Your Docker containers are already fast, at least compared to virtual machines. But what if you want to make them even faster? Here are strategies for optimizing Docker container speed and performance. If you’re using Docker, it’s probably at least partly because you want your applications to start and run faster. Out of the box, containers offer significant performance advantages over infrastructure built using virtual machines. Making Containers Even Faster But why settle for the speed containers give

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20 Docker security tools compared

Source:- There are quite a few Docker security tools in the ecosystem, how do they compare? This is a comprehensive list of Docker security tools that can help you implement some of the container security best practices. Is Docker insecure? Not at all. Actually features like process isolation with user namespaces, resource encapsulation with cgroups, immutable images and shipping the minimal software and dependencies reduce the attack vector providing a great deal of protection. But, is there anything else we

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