5 Ways to Streamline Kubernetes Alerting

Source:-it.toolbox.com The vast majority – more than 80 percent – of companies using containers now also use container orchestration software, and 32.5 percent of those companies are using Kubernetes (K8s). The growing adoption of K8s is only hindered by the fact that not everyone knows how to use it. A recent survey found that around 50 percent of users believe that they’re not skilled enough to use K8s – and that the platform is too complex for them to grasp. In order to finish

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DevOps Platform Market by Top Players – Puppet Labs, Chef, Docker Inc., Red Hat (Ansible), Atlassian, Saltstack

Source:-theinnovativereport.com DevOps Platform is an approach to software development that enables better collaboration between the development and the operations teams. Basically, it is a methodology that aims to bridge the gap between developers and operations during software development to facilitate a more productive and efficient workflow. Ultimately, it enables continuous delivery to benefit the company at large. Tools that facilitate DevOps and support its principles are referred to as DevOps tools. These include API tools, collaboration and organizational tools, configuration

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Docker is in deep trouble

Source:-zdnet.comIn a leaked internal memo, Docker CEO reveals the troubled company is looking for more money. Docker, the technology, is the poster child for containers. But it appears Docker, the business, is in trouble. In a leaked memo, Docker CEO Rob Bearden praised workers — despite the “uncertainty [which] brings with it significant challenges” and “persevering in spite of the lack of clarity we’ve had these past few weeks.”  Lack of clarity about what? Sources close to the company say it’s simple:

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