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Top 7 Tools and Tips for Improving Your DevOps Pipeline

source:- Nearly two decades after the turn of the millennium, software has an impact on nearly all aspects of our lives. We use apps for learning, finding love, commerce, entertainment, and pretty much every other part of how we go about the world. Driving this steady stream of software is the DevOps pipeline of the modern DevOps software development environment that blends the power of automation and cross-team collaboration for a faster and smoother path to the constant release of

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Adopting DevOps for legacy systems

Source: Organisations have a mix of legacy and advanced systems. Regardless of the race towards digitalisation, it is impossible to rip and replace legacy systems, entirely. Primary blocker is the dependency on the system status quo to generate revenue and difficulty of making changes on a running system. Next hurdle is the lost knowledge of systems and applications because people who built them moved on. But legacy systems should not prevent enterprises from competing in the digital age. The legacy

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Docker Database Hacked, 190,000 Users Affected

Source:- Docker, a development platform that allows companies to “build, manage and secure all their applications” and “deploy them anywhere,” announced last week that it discovered a database hack that exposed the information of 190,000 users. The hackers collected usernames, hashed passwords and in some cases GitHub and Bitbucket access tokens used to access repositories on the popular Git platforms many developers use for version control. Those whose usernames and hashed passwords were hacked got off relatively easy. Usually, it’s

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How DevOps works in the enterprise

Source: How DevOps works in the enterprise — it’s all about rapidity of release, but without sacrificing and compromising on quality in the digital world. How DevOps works in the enterprise is one of key questions business leaders have been asking. This relatively new discipline, which Atlassian describes as agile applied beyond the software team, is helping businesses release products fast, but without cutting corners — which is “the name of the game at the moment in the digital world”, according

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5 Reasons Why Jenkins Is The Most-Used Open Source Tool By Developers

Source: Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration tool which is written in Java. By default, Jenkins will be running on port 8080. It is a master-slave topology which distributes the build and testing efforts over slave servers with the results automatically accumulated on the master. It is not only a continuous integration server but also has a highly active community that works towards improving codes, write plugins, participates on mailing lists, writes bug reports, etc. It can be installed through native

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