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DevOps at Trainline has been a ‘great adventure’

Source- In 2015, Trainline adopted DevOps in a bid to speed delivery. It started by virtualising services and containerising them, and the new platforms demanded a new way of working. Sana Essid is a platform operations engineer at Trainline. With the infrastructure hosted on AWS, this mostly entails monitoring the cloud services, building new containerised microservices and helping to standardise the architecture. An operations engineer for 15 years at a number of different organisations, she has seen some big changes in

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Top Five Predictions Of Cloud Computing For 2019

Source- The post-Top Five Predictions Of Cloud Computing For 2019 appeared first on. At present, the companies are swiftly moving their legacy IT infrastructure and applications to Cloud Technology. Hence it is apparent that the cloud computing industry has come a long way in recent times. Cloud Computing technology is not only reliable for store sensitive data but it also offers business solutions to all kinds of problems across the section of industries. Knowing the benefits of Cloud computing technology companies are

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DevOps consolidation continues with JFrog and Shippable

Source- JFrog’s recent acquisition of Shippable is one of many moves in the DevOps market as software vendors look to provide a single source for developers who want to consolidate their toolboxes. JFrog’s Feb. 21 acquisition adds CI/CD to the company’s comprehensive DevOps platform. Previously, JFrog encouraged developers to use the CI/CD server of their choice. It still does that, except now the company can provide its own product for customers who want one place to support DevOps from code commit

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