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Container-Based Database Platforms: Fueling DevOps

Source- Database systems traditionally have relied on rather complex, OS-specific clustering technology to provide high availability. Depending on vendor and configuration, these technologies included shared storage devices, transaction-based replication, storage replication or some combination thereof. In many cases, these configurations required complex storage and network configuration supported by multiple teams at significant cost. As the use of virtualization became more widespread, virtual machines offered a degree of high availability, and many hypervisors offered some form of disaster recovery provided

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5 Reasons DevOps And Security Need To Work Together

Source- There is nothing like speeding up your business processes and development cycles is there? DevOps has revolutionized the way businesses meet the constantly evolving needs of their customers, without sacrificing productivity. Even as good as it sounds, it can still come at a price if DevOps and security are not working together. With the speed at which new iterations are released, it can be tough for security to keep up. In fact, 68 per cent of cybersecurity professionals are demanded

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