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Integrate DevOps and containers with simple tool adjustments

Source – Organizations adopt DevOps methodologies to reduce application development time and improve code quality, consistency and security. They adopt containers for many of the same reasons. A typical implementation pulls together multiple tools for development and deployment tasks in a chain. It must be flexible enough to accommodate: different programming languages, such as C, Python and Go; application targets, both mobile and web; and diverse deployment platforms, including virtual servers, cloud services and containers. Given the ever-increasing popularity of

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Building Open Source Security into DevOps

Source – DevOps is a philosophy of IT operations that binds the development of services and their delivery to the core principles of W. Edwards Deming’s points on Quality Management. When applied to software development and IT organizations, Deming’s principles seek to improve the overall quality of software systems as a whole. This is done in part by decomposing the system into manageable components, which can be owned by teams. These teams have the freedom to quickly resolve any issues

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A DevOps beginner’s guide for user experience professionals

Source – DevOps increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at a greater pace. Customers now expect this continuous delivery of bug fixes and new features, but they also expect seamless experiences. Disappoint them and they can abandon a transaction, rethink the app altogether or trash it on social media. Customer experience has never been more important, but it can be tough for design leaders who are DevOps beginners. Here are seven steps to make it easier to

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