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Optimization for SaaS: Works for Business and DevOps

Within SaaS companies, both DevOps and business teams can benefit from using performance optimization tools. Performance matters – whether you’re managing a marketing website or a web app. In this blog post we’ll: Discuss how Optimization fits into workflows for DevOps and business teams, and Explore some hypothetical (and slightly hyperbolic) examples of how to use Optimization.   Optimization for DevOps Teams Traditionally, engineering teams at software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies have been primarily focused with optimizing databases and applications to scale.

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DevOps and Security: Divided we fall

Source – Tufin 2017 Predictions: DevOps and Security – Divided We Fall VMblog Predictions 2017 Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2017. Read them in this 9th annual series exclusive. Contributed by Reuven Harrison, CTO, Tufin DevOps and Security: Divided we fall The DevOps movement is picking up speed as an increasing number of organizations realize the many benefits of the DevOps process. Built on the principles of faster software development, collaboration and innovation, why wouldn’t an

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Source : week we are highlighting the most talked about issues from the Flux7 blog in 2016. While new AWS services are always being announced, sometimes making it hard to keep up, we found that a lot of discussion revolved around process management and how to best use new features and tools to streamline DevOps processes like continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). As we all know CI/CD is a key tenet of successful DevOps with automation playing a starring

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Busting 5 DevOps Myths

Source – DevOps is a technology movement for hipsters and your company doesn’t need to worry about it, right? Right? DevOps, with its focus on combining development, testing, deployment, and operations, has fast become the poster-child for accelerated app delivery. Some will argue that DevOps is long overdue since business success clearly hinges on quickly delivering innovations based on high-quality software services. As with anything relatively new, there’ll be lots of information and discussion — some of which will be

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Welcome to

Easy enough to grok — if everyone is on the DevOps then the collective efforts are synchronized, leading to faster execution in world of DevOps. DevOps is comprised of many different technologies; such a list would have to include a mixture of programming, ops, cloud, a little bit of CI and agile, automation and testing, and maybe more. has announced the launch of new services on its platform which are focused on News, Articles, Updates and Events related to continuous delivery,

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How to choose the best DevOps toolchain orchestration solution

Source – One of the biggest challenges around application development is the role of communication and transparency between teams. For a long time, different team—like developers, business analysts, QAs and operations—were independent. Companies sometimes suffered from the siloed approach that resulted. The results of this scenario were longer app delivery cycles, less innovative products and a slower response to market needs. Trying to overcome those problems, the DevOps approach presents many practices and methodologies to bring teams closer and avoid

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